About Us


Theo Koulianos

Founder / Senior Pastor

Evelyn Koulianos

Co-Founder / Director

Theo Biliris

Pastor / Director

Jim Klimis


Dr. Stephen List

Spiritual Advisor

Nicholas Tassillo

Director Evangelism Meetings

Dr. Livingston Rasalam, MD


Pastor Theo and Evelyn Koulianos, have spent the past nearly 30 years, revealing Jesus Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit, to both children and adults, throughout America, Brazil, Greece, Pakistan, India, Phillipines, and other parts of the world. They are the blessed parents of Theo and Michael Koulianos, and six grandchildren. They simply love Jesus with all their hearts and are devoted to seeing the name of the Lord spread abroad, in both word and deed. The Lord has been gracious to them, with His divine confirmation of signs, wonders, healings, and miracles following them; as they continue to this day in teaching the Kingdom of God, preaching the Gospel, and praying for the sick.

Pastor’s wife, Evelyn, has a deep passion for the family and especially for mothers. She has been anointed to preach God’s word and to pray for America’s families. As the founder of the first Christian school in the Southeast United States, that opened its doors to the deaf, which would not deny children for financial hardship, Mrs. Koulianos has worked with hundreds of children and parents, helping them to raise anointed children.

Nations are being transformed everyday, by the power of the Holy Spirit. Unbelievers in government are now being moved to allow the work to continue in Muslim and Hindu nations, because of the love of Jesus being spread abroad.

The Jesus Center is committed to raising up leaders to shake the very core of nations and families in the name of Jesus Christ! Both Evelyn and Theo live to see Jesus receive the reward of His sufferings!