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January 30, 2012
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February 19, 2012

Jesus Guards His Holiness

” After sending them out, the Lord God stationed mighty cherubim, to the east of the Garden of Eden. And He placed a flaming sword that flashed back and forth to guard the way to the Tree of Life.” Genesis 3:24

The access to the presence of God’s holiness was no longer available to Adam and Eve, following their sinful rebellion to God’s authority. They were now, no longer covered with the glory of God; but, rather they now were naked and they made their own covering- which was unacceptable to God. Sin had stained the garments of God’s creation. Sin had penetrated the hearts of those the Lord created in His own image. Now, they would be denied the place of God’s holiness.

Each of us must come to a place in our Christian walk, where we shall stand still, and examine our hearts. We must examine the depths of our hearts, and determine if our lives are contaminated with the foulness of practicing sin. Each of us knows the real truth, don’t we? Is there anything that we can hide from our God?

When God, by the miraculous working of the Blood of His Son, Jesus Christ, reached down from Heaven and saved our souls; we now became vessels that were to be set apart for His exclusive use. A holy God had perfected us, by His own blood, and He made us perfect in His eyes. It is this precious and holy blood of the Lord, that grants us access to His holy presence. However, we must never believe that we have a license to abuse the precious blood of God and practice sin; thinking that access to God is ours, regardless of how we live our lives.

Do you think that God places a high value on His holiness and His presence? Look at what exent He took to assure that Adam and Eve never stepped foot back into the Garden and the Tree of Life. Be assured of this, nothing has changed today! God is still very protective over His holiness; and He will not allow any man, woman, or child, entry into His holy presence, if they continue to practice that which is sinful in His eyes. We cannot take these consecrated vessels, that are set apart exclusively for God’s use; and defame them by using them for our own sinful and lustful purposes. The Holy Spirit will not tolerate this from any of us!

We must come to the realization that the value of the Blood Jesus is precious, and beyond our comprehension. Our Lord will not be mocked! Do we truly believe that salvation and eternal life is ours; even if we live lives which are anything but holy in God’s sight? Can we be that foolish? Are our minds and our hearts veiled which such deception?

Sadly, the message of holiness is no longer in vogue, in the Church today. The mere thought that a preacher can maintain a congregation; while at the same time, proclaiming the absolute imperative of lives of holiness, and the high value of the blood of Jesus Christ, is sadly immature. Why? Because we have a doctrine, within many Christian circles, that we shall enjoy access to God’s holy presence on Sunday; while we desecrate these set apart vessels for sinful use, the rest of the week.What lies have crept into the hearts of the Church! Now you can see why so many, on that last day, will not be granted acess into the place of God’s Tree of Life.

We have no choice today; but to come to the place in our lives, where we truly desire to live as vessels belonging only to Jesus Christ. There is no other way! But you ask, how is it that we can successfully endure unto the end, knowing this One True God and Jesus whom He sent? The answer is simple; but, most difficult for most professed believers- Intimacy With Jesus In Prayer! That’s it! Access into the Chamber of God’s holiness and His intimacy, is only for those whose lives speak to the confession- ” I shall love the Lord thy God with all my heart, with all my soul, and with all my might. I belong to Him and will live only for Him!”

If you strive for the realization of this confession in your life, on bended knee EACH  DAY, then your heart will become bound inseparably, with the heart of your Husband, the Lord Jesus Christ. His holiness will cover your nakedness, and blessings and protection shall be with you, as you remain under His cover. The key is to maintain this intimacy with your First Love. Maintain this most blessed position in Christ, and you will never be denied access to His presence. The Cherubim and the flaming sword shall not prevent your coming to the place of the Tree of Life, into the holy presence of God Himself!

May He be pleased!
Pastor Theo