April 10, 2012
April 12, 2012


The Devil who once exalted death and the power of death, is now the one who remains doomed. Those of us that are “born from above”, who love the Lord Jesus Christ with all our hearts, souls, mind, and strenght; no longer must fear death. We can now go eagerly to our resting place, to meet death.

For this reason, we shall go forth and spend our lives witnessing the glorious resurrection of Jesus Christ, the Son of God! Now, even our children go with haste to be with the Lord. Death has now become weak, stripped of its power and fearful grip.

It has been said that death is as a powerful dictator, who once deposed is conquered forever! All of his monuments and and power has been crushed. Why is it that we can mock death? Because Jesus Christ, the King, has conquered it! For this reason, Jesus’ Kingdom declares, “O death, where is thy victory. O Grave, where is thy sting?”

The Lord’s death on the  Cross has made death impotent. The Master knows that we are weak and by nature have a fear of death. But, once we are saved by the work of His blood, miraculously we despise that fear and no longer are cowards under its sting.

The Lord had to give to those that He chose to be His witnesses, the proof of His resurrection. He must have  witnesses that will embrace Him with their faith in Him, and in His glorious victory. The Cross and the sign of the Cross, is the symbol of our faith, which cries out to the world, “We trample on death, in Christ’s resurrection from the dead!” Jesus Christ is the one victor over death. He is the one who trampled over death, robbing death of its power. Death is now despised by all who call upon His name in faith! It is despised by all who love Him and evidence that love through their obedience unto His commands. It is despised by all who will deny themselves, take up their cross daily, and follow Jesus. It is despised by all who have a “First Love” for Jesus Christ. It is to be despised by all who know the One True God, and Jesus whom He sent. Is that you?

For this reason, the Church must never forget that Jesus’ resurrection and our salvation from eternal death, came only by the way of His Cross. This is why the Cross is the Lord’s monument of His victory. It was there that death was slain in the body of our Lord Jesus Christ. This divine work continues to this day, as His Spirit reaches into the depths of men’s hearts around the world. The way to salvation is only by His Cross!

( to be continued)

From His Cross,
Pastor Theo