God’s Song for Our Hearts

Presence of Jesus Christ
October 4, 2012
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October 24, 2012

God’s Song for Our Hearts

I must share with each of you a cry that the Holy Spirit implanted deep within my heart this past week, as I was blessed to accompany my son Michael, as together we traveled to Redding, California; where Michael was honored to film several interviews with men and women of faith, whom the Lord God is using to bring the power and glory of His presence to the world. It was during this trip that I was afforded the privilege of seeking and knowing the presence of our Lord and Saviour’s love and glory, as I meditated on His Word and sought His face in prayer. During that time, God brought before me a booklet, written by Mother Basilea Schlink. In her writings, she spoke of the scripture from the Book of Micah. Here the Lord God declared, ” What God is like unto thee, that pardoned iniquity”.

Can I take some of your time today, to share what the Holy Spirit birthed in my heart, through this Scripture and the writings of Mother Basilea, please. For as I shared with our disciples, gathered together in Jesus Center today, this must be the song of each of our hearts. This must be the declaration of our souls. This must be the contunual banner raised before our hearts. What God is like you Jesus? What God is likened unto you, my Lord, my God? What kind of God would leave heaven and come to this earth willingly, to die for each of us?

Mother Basilea wrote, ” When was the last time you cried about your unrepentent sins?” My heart was so pierced this week, that I cannot but declare to all the world, and to each of you, how our precious and glorious Savior waits for the sound of our cries, cries over our sins. God forgive us all. If we cling to your promise that Your mercies are new every morning, should not we also then live lives every morning, lives pierced with the lance of the Love of Jesus Christ, and His holy and exalted blood?

You pondered in your souls this week, “Should I pray? Should I go to church today? Should I give my expression of love, through my giving of my tithes? Should I make the Lord first in my life today?” All of these questions that come before your heart each day, can only be answered by singing the song. ” What God is likened unto thee, that pardoned iniquities?” Open your hearts today, to the beautiful sound of that song. Then, the Holy Spirit can shine forth in the depths of your heart, with such a love and piercing that literally rips the fiber of your hearts open. Let Him , ask Him, “Lord, please, I cry out to you, rip open my heart today, that You may illuminate the sins of my life, that contrition and repentance crush my soul.”

Holy Spirit, I open the secrets of my heart to You. Go ahead Lord, crush me into a million pieces, and break and destroy any semblence of self in my life. For I know, without a doubt, that my Father will take every broken piece of my heart and place them in His holy hands. There, in the hands of the fountain of love, He will press them and shape them into the image of His glorious Son, Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

No, repentance is not a grievous topic. No, not at all. Calling for repentance is the joy of God’s heart, it is the gateway to the heart of heaven itself. Lord God, keep me I pray in brokeness, that Heaven itself may descend in power and glory forever in my life! How, can I truly know your love, less I repent each day. How can I love you, if I do not cry out to God,” Who is like God, that pardons my iniquities?” There is no one like you Jesus! There is no one like you, my God! Did any of you ever read in His Word, that all heaven rejoices over one sinner that is healed or saved from poverty or some other suffering? But, I do read that heaven rejoices when one sinner who repents!

How can there be Godly fruit in our lives, without repentance? John the Baptist knew this secret, by revelation of God. He declared to all who would listen to his cries, “Repent, for the Kingdom of God is at hand!” The only way to the presence of God’s Kingdom in the lives of the Church is through the joy of repentance. Look at any heart that does not love Jesus first, and I will show you a heart that knows not the song of God, ” Who is a God like you, that pardons iniquities.” There is no other way!

Let us once again, come back to Jesus as never before. Let us come rejoicing through the song of repentance. It is true that each one of us have been imprisoned by the Prince of the Air. There, in that place of hopelessness, chained with no hope of escape, we have been locked forever in the darkness of pain, fear, and death. But the God, that is like no other, came down willingly, and became one of us. He suffered and died. He took our place, so we may sing His praises and declare that there is no God like Him! He rose Himself from the grave and death. He gave us life through His glorious and wonder working blood. Now, we are free and those of us that are free can never forget how we once were prisoners without hope. This is why we must cry cries of repentance everyday. We must never forget what He did for each of us! The Cross must be burned, branded within our hearts.

So I close with only one thought, one call, one cry, ” Who is like You my God, that pardoned my iniquities?” Lord, with all that is within me, let me be able to declare Your love, power and glory to all the world. For truly, there is no one like you- Jesus Christ! There is no other God like You! Your love is the song of our hearts.

From the Cross,
Pastor Theo