“Jesus’ Love” PART 2
July 1, 2012
Presence of Jesus Christ
October 4, 2012

“Jesus’ Love” PART 3

St. Frances of Sales wrote, “Knowing that Jesus Christ suffered death on a cross for us, puts our hearts in a vise, which squeezes against our hearts. That we might feel its force and be squeezed of love. What power! What delight.”

He said, “let us die with Jesus and be consumed in the flames of His love. We must live and die in the loving arms of the Lord Jesus Christ.”

Please let us never forget, that Jesus showed us His great affection for us, that He died for us. John 13:1 declares, ” Jesus had to be baptized in His own blood.” For this reason, we must look daily to His cross.

When each of us behold His cross, our hearts will cry the same cry of the saints of old, “O’love, O’love, O’love..” Let us never stop beholding His cross!

For as we behold His cross, we must be compelled to consider the love Jesus had for each of us. St. Frances also said, “Would we not be set ablazed at the sight of those flames in the Redeemer’s breast.”

St. Bonaventure cried, ” The wounds of Christ Jesus cut through the most senseless hearts..which set aflame the most frigid of hearts.” John wrote, ” We find the source of Jesus’ love for us, in the love He has for His Father.”

St Ambrose penned, “the soul that is married to Jesus Christ upon the Cross, thinks nothing is more glorious than to bear the marks of the crucified.” Does not the Word of God proclaim that blood deserves to be recompensed with blood?

Hear the cry of the saints,
” Oh holy Cross, receive me too, upon you”
“Crown of thorns, grow wider, that I too may put my head in you”
“Nails, leave those innocent hands of my Lord, and pierce my heart with Love”

John Tauler wrote, ” A great way to acquire perfect love for Jesus Christ is to meditate on His holy passion.”

Now you can have some concept of the beat of the Apostle Paul’s heart, when He wrote to the Church in Corinth, “The love of Christ urges us on..” John of Avila spoke of God’s love in this manner, ” God’s love does violence to our hearts!”

There is no human mind that can understand how “hot” the fire burns in Jesus’ heart for each of us!

To be continued

Your Servant in Christ Jesus’ Love,
Pastor Theo